Ramadan Greetings

Ramadan Greetings

Umamah Ahmed 27 July 2011

Peace be upon you all

I write this message, as we are less a week away from the beautiful month of Ramadan. I find this quote sums up Ramadan for me:

“We must give up in order to gain, and we must pass on the immediate in order to see the permanent."

Haroon Moghul, The Huffington Post

What I find beautiful about Ramadan is how it is both so community-spirited but also so individual at the same time. We open our fast together, pray Taraweeh in our mosques together, eat Suhr together, join with the community in fundraising and importantly all abstain from the same things, but at the same time Ramadan is intensely personal, it’s about re-establishing and solidifying our connection and relationship with our Lord, holding back on our bad habits and trying to gain new, good habits.

It’s a time to focus and clear our minds and hearts of those peripheral distractions, in order for God’s blessings and forgiveness to enter. Our aims for Ramadan will vary, from reading more Quran, to spending more time with our family, to engaging less in mindless gossip, to focusing more on our studies, to spending less time on Facebook.

He who fails to plan, plans to fail, as the saying goes, so in the run-up to Ramadan, jot down some personal targets and areas for improvement this Ramadan and focus your energies on these, so that at the end of Ramadan you can look back on how far you have come, and where you hope to proceed.

I pray that you all fulfill your personal targets and I pray that our Most Merciful Lord envelops you in love, mercy and peace in this month and beyond.

Remember us in your prayers.

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