The Leaf Network

We are a small network of individuals from different organisations and backgrounds bringing together our experiences, know-how and skills for the benefit of our communities. We believe it is time to invest in the community by investing in the people that create the projects that shape our community (that's you, by the way). We do this by recruiting and training young men and women with the skills they need to become effective transformational leaders in whatever field or organisation they are situated. From training residential events and innovative new projects that enable 'on the job' training, to profoundly conceptual, spiritual and intellectual gatherings that shape understanding, develop insight and unleash every person's potential: we do all this, and more.

We are unashamedly proud of our Muslim heritage and the possibilities of contribution, emancipation and progress that lie ahead in our future. We believe Islam is not just a foreign faith imported by migrant communities, but a living, beautiful and rapidly western faith, loved and practiced by communities that make up the fabric of modern British society. This may bring challenges but it also brings opportunities of hope and dialogue for our shared values of family, community life, personal integrity and positive change.

Our Philosophy & Values

A humble leaf of a single tree breathes more to life than the gusts of a hurricane.

All our projects and our institutions need effective leaders, teams and volunteers.

We invest in the person; in their skills, in their hope and in their future.

People change things. We are open, non-sectarian and free.

We cultivate an environment of synergy and convergence for skills, for people and for ideas.

Bring your own interests, ideas and passions. Let's work together to realize huge dreams.

We bring people together. We network.

The Leaf Network