The Leaf and the Network

The Leaf

The leaf is the site where light is turned into energy to fuel the life of a tree. It is how the tree quite literally 'takes a breather' and refreshes our atmosphere with oxygen. A network of countless leaves power the tree allowing it to capture light, grow, become a home for birds and a shade for travellers. The leaf in its humbleness 'dies': with the autumn fall it is returned to the earth to be recycled, and in doing so, in abdicating its position, it allows a new leaf to take its place. It does this in auburn splendour with the grace of a floating angel. It is a symbol of light, of producing energy, of a network of service, and a symbol of renewal.

The Network

In all these ways, and many more, we can describe the young Muslim activist as a leaf which serves the community tree. A whole generation of young, talented, highly skilled and motivated brothers and sisters that populate the British Muslim landscape do indeed, with their countless projects, convert light into energy, allowing a space for us to breathe and providing nourishment to our communities. The Leaf Network is about connecting these individuals giving them a valuable resource, of experience and contacts to help develop their organisations and projects. In our communities some amazing work is being done and we provide the helping hand to ensure that many more continue to occur.

The Leaf Network