Organising the Student Village at Living Islam

Organising the Student Village at Living Islam

Umamah Ahmed 04 July 2011

For the last few months I have joined a team of amazing individuals who help put together a unique 4 day experience in the Lincolnshire countryside - Living Islam. This is the first year that Living Islam will have a dedicated Student Village and I have excitedly been putting together a programme for the 4 days. This includes a campfire with Sound of Reason, an exclusive evening with Imam Zaid Shakir, Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool, and dhikr and stargazing underneath the night sky. The aim of the Student Village is to bring together inspiring, like-minded young Muslims from across the country to debate and discuss with some of our leading scholars and activists. It has been a great experience working with such a committed and enthusiastic team and fascinating to see how such a huge and complex event comes together. The core team consists of around 30 heads of departments, with each department having its own set of team members. Every single person is working in a voluntary capacity, some people working around the clock to bring this together and provide something truly unique for the British Muslim community in the UK. The contributions and sacrifices of the whole team has made me realise that with spirit, the right intention and trust in God, anything, anything is possible.

There's not long to go now and excitement is building as the programme is confirmed with talks from Jamal Badawi, Sarah Joseph, Abu Muntasir, workshops with Dr Munir Ahmed, Sheikh Amer Jamil, Dr Hany el Banna on a variety of topics including Gender Jihad, Marriage, British Shariah, Islam's lost female legacy, Purifying the Soul, not to mention entertainment with Sound of Reason, Maher Zain, Zain Bhikha, Hamza Fletcher, Silkroad, Aerobatics and Fireworks. There are parallel programmes and zones for babies (hundreds of babies descend on the 0-5 zone, not for the faint hearted!), scouts, 11-16s and adults.

Working on the Living Islam event reminds me of the Summer of 2003 when the first Living Islam was held. Looking back, those four days in Lincolnshire seem like an absolute dream. Sunshine, happy people, fields, stimulating lectures, late night discussions over tea, hiding in tents, Harry Potter themed water fights, it was beautiful and I would urge you to book your tickets now so as not to miss out on this year's fabulous event!

Hope to see you there, inshallah.

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