Faith on Trial: Relevant or Redundant?

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St Ethelburga's
78 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AG
Friday, 03 May'13 18:00
- Friday, 03 May'13 21:00

Faith on Trial: Relevant or Redundant?

Mock court case featuring Dr Jasser Auda (Qatar) and guests

Nearest Tube/train station: Liverpool Street Station

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Islamic scholarship was once the greatest force for human evolution and advancement, from pioneering the physical and life sciences to giving birth to the Renaissance. In recent times, we see how poverty is worst in Muslim lands, with corruption rife as Muslim leaders live the most lavish lifestyles known in history. Intellectual and artistic contributions from Muslim-majority countries pale in comparison to secular western societies. Something is terribly amiss.

Today Islamic scholarship is being charged with becoming redundant and irrelevant to the people who need it most.


Amjad Malik QC


Dr Jasser Auda (Centre for Islamic Legislation and Ethics, Qatar)


Asif Hussein

Prosecutions special witnesses:

Arts & Culture: Luqman Ali (Co-founder of Khayaal Theatre)

Gender Issues: Dr Laura Zahra McDonald (The Deen Institute)

Politics: Nabil Ahmed

The Jury: The audience

Join us in this special intra-faith, one-off court-case-style event where we critically consider, through personal narrative and case studies, how Islam has or has not met up to the challenges of modern society. We have brought in a panel of expert Muslims who will share their reflections on Arts & Culture, Gender Issues and Politics and how as leaders in their fields they have experienced a redundancy in the role Islamic scholarship. Our special guest Dr Jasser Auda will then critically reflect on the disparities that so many have experienced, and will put forward his defence as to how it is a lack of depth and grounding in the true spirit of Islam and it's principles that is the problem and how we can work to remedy this challenge.

Join us for this evening of communal introspection, deep questions and challenging answers.

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