An evening with Imam Abdul Latif

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An evening with Imam Abdul Latif

The Leaf Network, in collaboration with The Muslim Community Fund, is hosting an intimate gathering next week with the renowned scholar Imam Abdul Latif Finch from the USA.

Across the UK and in our communities there is a generation of passionate Muslims engaged throughout mainstream society at the top of their fields as well as in various community organising efforts and initiatives. Often, however, there is a disconnect with those working across the spectrum of the community and the scholarly community which seeks to inspire and facilitate their grass roots efforts.

Next week we have arranged for an open forum hosting distinguished teacher and scholar Imam Abdul Latif from California alongside a select group of emerging leaders of the Muslim community, allowing them to articulate their experiences, successes and frustrations, sharing their stories and questions. The result, God willing, will be an uplifting and constructive conversation on the challenges and dilemmas affecting some of the brightest and most promising voices of the British Muslim community.

Invitations have been extended to individuals who have demonstrated independence of thought as well as a sustained commitment to community development efforts. We look forward to sharing the feedback and lessons learned from the event.

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