Maryam Rangel

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Maryam Rangel

In the present, Maryam Rangel is currently studying architecture in London

With a sense of adventure for the outdoors, Maryam has completed her Bronze and Silver Duke Of Edinburgh along with having the honour of representing her school as Team Captain for Cricket and Rounders to compete in tournaments across Birmingham.

Maryam Rangel has also been involved with youth organisations since the age of 14 such as Young Muslims UK and Living Islam 2005. She has worked with similar youth organisations such  to encourage young people to contribute to society and make good changes in their local area for the better. As a keen artist Maryam has often been invited to charity events to do live paintings such as Al-Hikma's UMC event in Birmingham where she painted a giant landscape painting of Jerusalem and has remained actively involved in her local community with other charities since 2010.

After joining The Leaf Network back in 2014 Maryam has become Head of Communications where she aims to promote the organisation for more young people to become actively involved with their local community and projects in other cities. Maryam's previous experiences with youth work and other skills has shaped her to become an able individual to work for the organisation.

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