Maryam Muslim

Manchester Branch President
Maryam Muslim

Maryam Muslim is 19 years old and has been the Manchester Branch President since 2014.

Until the age of 16, Maryam was taught at home. While taking her GCSEs, she began attending Oldham Islamic College to study Arabic, Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Tafsir (Commentary on the Quran) and Hadith. Having completed her A Levels, she is currently studying towards a Diploma in Arabic and Islamic Theology.

She regularly volunteers and raises money for organisations, charities and mosques in Greater Manchester. She is currently volunteering with the Myriad Foundation as part of their Social Buddy project visiting people in care homes.

Maryam does various sports such as horse riding and Taekwondo. She started Taekwondo (Martial Arts) in 2005 and trains regularly. She began competing nationally in 2011 and has won numerous gold medals in competitions across England and Scotland. She is preparing for her black belt grading later this year.

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